Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Organizing Portfolio's for Open House

Open House is next week which involves a lot of planning and organizing the art work.
This year in Texas, we are celebrating the Arts on March 6th which happens to be Elementary Open House night. The Texas theme is #BIGARTDAY and my art student's will be taking home the art works they created this year after displaying them on their classroom desks. Each student  will also have a "Selfie" on display. I am in the process of creating  4 Art Themed Photo Booth too. 
Watch for that post  next week........  

All of my student's made a super quick and easy portfolio this year in one class period, They loaded all their work inside. I ordered brown 18' x 24" construction paper for these.

I put up the basic steps on the board. (I did prefold and staple the KDG and 1st grades portfolios.) 

I love how creative some became.....

I have them all organized by day to pass out before open house.

I also noticed that The Art of Ed had a post about this recently.
 I am sending home the student's ceramic pieces in decorated brown sacks as noted in their blog post. 

It will be great to come back to school after spring break and have everything cleaned up and organized!


  1. Hi. Love this idea! It is organized and my students would love creating a portfolio case for themselves, especially when it came to decorating it. I could not tell what each step entailed. Could you please elaborate? Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Thank you for the reply. I'm unsure of your question?


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