Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hungry for Art

After a week of State STAAR testing, we are glad to be back on schedule and having specials again. My wonderful 2nd grade artists are finishing up their
 Claus Oldenburg inspired relief sculptures. 
This lesson took three class sessions. One the first day we view and discussed Oldenburg's Two Cheeseburgers.

Claes Oldenburg. Two Cheeseburgers, with Everything (Dual Hamburgers). 1962

How did he make if look like it was warm and yummy? 
Most of the kids said they were hungry now too. 

Each student made a check list of 12 ingredients for their sandwich.

We made the buns out of cardboard and put the items inside their manilla check list folder.(I only had a tracer for the buns so that they weren't too small.) 

On the second day I bought out the cool art tools.

I also opened the scrap box that had left over painted paper. 
I pre cut construction paper in 4" x 6" papers. 
I had construction paper crayons for them to use also.

We also looked at more art works by Claes Oldenburg.
Claes Oldenburg, Giant BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich), 1963  2002.255a-s
I also found a cool PREZ about him by searching his name!

With the children all together, I modeled how to make the plain flat boring paper look like the real food by using texture and lines.
Then they were on their own.......

We assembled the sandwiches today on 12" x 9" paper with a pre cut  9" x 6" piece of scrapbook paper. 
The hardest part was stacking and overlapping the pieces. 
They tried to make it stretch as big as the paper. 

 Macaroni, chop sticks, sporks and forks were options for the
 "Finishing Touches!"

Are you Hungry? 


  1. What a great way to introduce texture!!

    1. It was a very successful lesson. Thank you Lauren.

  2. Great blog! I came across it while look at"Rainbow Skies & Dragonflies".
    These silly sandwiches look great, I always wondered what I could use the paper "crinklers" I found in the art catalogs for and now I have an idea!

    1. Thank you ArtMuse. I enjoyed reading your blog too.


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