Sunday, June 1, 2014

Woo Woo 1st Grade Clay Owls

Woo Woo 1 more week with kids at school. 
We are finishing these up tomorrow.
I try to save some of the exciting lessons for the end of they year to keep the kiddo's engaged. 
Any woo , I got way behind with 1st grade's clay, but it ended up being a win win. 

This is one of those lessons that I have done for years and frankly I was bored with painting them realistically. The change this year was in the faux glazing. 
I looked around at all the fabulous blogs and came up with a creative twist.

The kids start with a slab of clay that that is folded over a straw. 

Slipping and scoring is really hard for 1st graders, but some challenged themselves to add feet.

I remove the straw when the clay is leatherhard and add their names to the back.
This is Trinity's white stoneware clay. It bisque fires to a cream color. 

This year due to the shortness of time we used a crayon resist method to faux glaze. 

Using Crayola Construction Paper Crayons!!! have the kiddo's color really hard on the owl first. 

Then, they can only use ONE watercolor color to paint the entire owl. I have turquoise and magenta in some of my trays which was very striking over the crayons. 

Really dilute the paint and poke it into the texture. 

This guy wanted to use black to make it look wooden! 

I added a top coat of watered down Mod Podge to add shine!

Sorry for being absent in the world of blogging....why is it the end of school is so overwhelming?
 I have more to share....and I am teaching a summer school class. 



  1. Cute project! I decided to try with my 1st graders, and am unable to get some of the straws out without damaging their piece.
    Is it ok to fire with straws still inside? I know they will burn off, but is it a fire hazard or anything?

  2. I think it might damage the kiln.


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