Friday, August 1, 2014

A little Vacation

From the looks of things in Blogger world, we are all on vacation. 
I haven't posted in a while or even scanned Bloglovin. Down time is a good thing.

I spent last weekend visiting the Portland area and catching up with my Brother and his family. 
It was rewarding to be Aunt Beth for the weekend. 

I had to brush up on my songs with this one.

I tried to make it up to the top of the falls with these two......

My brother's family planned two day trips  with me to the Falls and Mount Hood. 

While I was away it was over 100 each day in Texas. I sure planned this trip well!

The view from the top of Mount Hood was picture perfect!

I have one more trip planned to the Sun Shine state with my family! I am anxious to feel the sand between my toes! 

Google Camp on Monday! Too bad it isn't in CA! 


  1. Beautiful! We are just coming back from CO. The heat is gonna kill us after 3 weeks of weather bliss!! Have fun in CA.


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