Monday, October 27, 2014

Dot Day/ Field Day Collaboration!

85 degrees and windy....A great field day, and I am so glad I ordered 
Cardboard panels instead of paper for the Dot Day Painting Station!

As the team leader for our specials team I wanted to find a way to 
collaborate with my team on Field Day.

 We delayed Dot Day in September, and had a two hour painting station in the field day rotation this afternoon. It was a hit! 

Our wonderful PTA gave me a $50 budget to order cardboard panels and Paint. 
(Prang from Office Depot)

(24 x 36 inches from Office Depot)

I have one panel per homeroom teacher. I thought the kids would rotate with their teacher, but it ended up being free choice, so we turned over the labeled panels and let the kids paint. 

The wind really blew things around. I might use heavier cups next year....many kids just stayed with me, you know the ones that don't enjoy field day. It was a great way to collaborate in a different way. 

I even found a few teachers that wanted to stick around a while too. 

My team was awesome. They help move carts and clean up the brushes.

I am pooped and it is only Monday....

on a side note, the kiln broke today. Boo Hoo!

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