Monday, October 13, 2014

Faux Chihuly Installation

 We tried something new!  We love the clay Chihuly lesson that I have done for a few years, but it is always good to branch out. I also had a student teacher, and needed to find a lesson that wasn't my type of lesson but one he could manage. This lesson was inspired by a few teachers on the Facebook Art teacher's page and one that I LIKED on twitter and it was actually a Middle School lesson. 

Thank you for sharing it since it was a good two day  4th grade lesson that works well for student teachers or new teachers.

We used  these transparencies because I found a bunch of them at my school to recycle.
We used sharpies and acrylic paint the first day to add color to the  organic shape. You just need a little bit of paint that is transparent! I also made this Prezi.

We even added more sharpie lines and patterns on the back of the transparency on the second day.

You need to have various forms for them to rubber band the transparency onto. If you want shiny side up then put it against the bottle or cup. Thicker transparencies might need higher heat. Yes a few got holes in them, but I did the melting. I really tried to sculpt them with the heat. 

Afterwards, we installed the art work to make a large collaborative installation. 

I was a great two day lesson and we brightened up the hallway with a beautiful art installation. 


  1. So neat! I showed our art teacher your project. Thanks for the details.

    1. Thanks Michele. Did the storms keep you up this morning? I feel like I was up with a newborn. Have a good week!

  2. I LOVE these! I'd like to try them with my art club! How did you attach them to the bulletin board for the installation? Also, I have a couple of questions about the heating you leave the rubber bands on while you heat them? How long to you let them cool before removing them from the form? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


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