Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Golden Globes of Art Bloggers!

Have you visited my blog and borrowed and idea or art lesson? 
  If so please consider nominating my little blog here  for a chance to display an award winning sticker and a chance to share the joy of art education with the amazing teachers at The Art of Ed.

Below is the nitty gritty! 

Here’s where YOU come in! We need your nominations to get started! If you have a favorite blog you’d like to tell us about, scroll down to see the categories. When you’re ready, click the “Nominate!” buttons and fill out the required information. Nominations will be open from now until 5 pm CST on Thursday, January 15th, 2015.
A few notes about nominating:
  • You are welcome to nominate your own blog.
  • You are welcome to nominate more than one blog.
  • Be sure to include why you like the blog. What sets it apart?
  • Nominations are anonymous. We can’t tell who nominates which blogs.
 Have a Wonderful Week!


  1. I nominated lots... Yours included. I love the collaboration that we have (even if you don't always know when I'm inspired by your ideas) I also noted today that you have your blogroll titled 'Friends'. I like that, that's how I think of it too.

    Nic Hahn

  2. Thank you Nic! Your blog was one of the first few I found on Pinterest and looked at it many times when I started mine. We all need to be friendly as we share in so many ways. Thanks again.


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