Monday, January 19, 2015

#pisdartchat 1/22/15 8:30 Central Time

I am hosting an art educator themed twitter chat for the first time this Thursday 
on my professional twitter site @bacarter77 
I am filling in for @grundlerart our regular MC. 

Have you ever participated  in a twitter chat, or do you just watched? 

My friend @artwithbailey created this friendly poster for our district chats on Tuesday nights. 
Our #tag will be #pisdartchat on Thursday night for Art Educators. 

The 45 minutes topic will be about Social Media in the Art Classroom. 
Please consider joining us on Thursday.
 I have been know to set my timer on my phone. 
I am using TweetDeck to schedule the questions ahead of time too. 

Check back this week on Thursday for the questions! 


  1. Sounds like a great topic. I enjoyed participating last week, hoping I can fit this one in!

  2. I hope you can too Abby. It is a fast and fun way to learn new things from our peers!

  3. You will be great! Hope to be able to drop in on your chat.

  4. Beth: I joined for the first time (late) last Thurs. It was fun. I'm so sorry... I have been looking for this information... What is PISD. Thanks for the help, your clueless blogger friend.. Nic Hahn- @MiniMatisse

    1. Pisd is our school district. Laura Grundler, our art coordinator @grundlerart is removing the PISD and changing the # tag staring next week to #k12artchat. It is a weekly Twitter chat we host for art teachers.


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