Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Value study+ IC Rock art + Texas Symbols = Longhorns


This is one of those old but good lessons that we just revisited in 4th grade. My teacher friend, Melody, shared this with me when I was a new teacher in my district 15 years ago and new to Texas. 

The ties to the IC curriculum are really great in this lesson.
I start out with the story of the The Caves of Lascaux's

I have many prints from this collection and we focused on the horned cow.
We then talk about how these animals came to Texas....

I follow this with some research on the Texas Longhorn symbol and we do a guided  contour drawing of a longhorn together with various options. 
We use pencil and follow up with China Markers for the Rock Art look....

On day two we talk about VALUE. 

We do a quick value scale and practice in our sketchbooks.

I then give the student's a choice of materials to finish

1. China Markers
2. Ebony Pencils
3. Crayons
4. Oil Pastels

The objective is to finish their Rock art with three levels of Value and to add a personal Brand.

These are just a few, but many other's finished successfully in three art class periods. This lesson could be adapted to many state standards with regards to state symbols. 

Welcome to Texas!

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