Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter lessons

And it is 70 degrees outside!

School is out for two weeks and I am home today without a car. Its a good thing. I have gotten all the little things done and even have a clean house.  I am trying to get use to my new computer too. 

I took down all of the fall displays before I left and added some winter themed art work. I put up this board with 3rd and 4th grade work inspired by Paintbrush Rocket and her friend Painted Paper.

The painted Alpine trees were a perfect one day lesson on a week of interruptions in 3rd grade. Thank you Laura for the great lesson. 

I used two weeks with the 4th graders to created the Winter Bird lesson. 
The kids painted and printed the 9x12 paper on the first week
using cardboard and tempera paints. We also looked at the art of Charley Harper

On the second week they used oil pastels to create a bird. I also had shape tracers or they could use their devices to look up birds.  Personal device was the most popular option.

Some added a little snow!

I tweeted a few too!

I am so glad this will be up and ready to start off the New Year!

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  1. I love these projects! I have been so bogged down in printmaking and clay, not much winter themed work was made in my classroom before break. It's nice you have it ready to go!


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