Monday, March 7, 2016

#bigartday16 is a wrap

These two are best ever kids, and they were so nice to let me take their picture at 7 am. 
 Their mom is our Kinder teacher and 
I have known them since they were born. 

The art work is up, the open house is over, but the images remain. I created to photo booths for parents to take pictures of their kids and remember the night.  It is always a hit. 

I am so glad I ordered these flags and letters earlier in the school year. I boxed up my letters to use again with my props. Michaels has the best wooden props!
All of these props help since I needed to put it up quickly. 

This year's open house was a Flower Themed event. 
I was so proud of each grade level as they created some amazing works of art. 
It was so nice to receive so many compliments from parents, teachers and kids! 

Third grade slab vases with their lovely flowers,

Sunflower pinch pots created by 2nd graders

and 1st grade artists painted flowers with the best self portraits. 

Painted Paper roses by third grade framed the display cases. I love this lesson!

Kindergarten Monet water lilies  which I changed this year.
We used chinet plates, but I am going back to the cardboard circles next year. 

5th grade made pinch pot flowers and 4th graders created Cassie's woven spring trees. 

2nd grade also completed my favorite sunflower still life collages. 
The bottled watercolor paint is vivid! 

 I had a creative moment when the fourth graders collaborated and made flowers using my painted paper scrapes for the frames in our main hallway. These two loved seen their work in the 
Wall of Fame. 

I created my signs using Canva... a very cool and free site. 

and my team, they gave me a free morning to get it all together! 

Spring Break.....

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