Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dallas Staycation

I didn't venture anywhere this spring break except into Dallas. 
It has rained all week!

Yesterday my husband treated me to a day at the museums and staying overnight at the 
Hyatt Reunion. We even used Uber to go to dinner. We are living on the wild side!!

My week started off with a surprise Birthday visit from my daughter who is a grad student at NYC. 

we did some shopping at Northpark....

She stayed until Sunday and now is off to India for an 
NYU field trip. (this explains why I am a nervous wreak this week)
Anyway, she will do fine and is sharing many amazing pictures with us on Instagram ecarter5689

What would we do with out apps and social media.
Speaking of which, a new Facebook Group was started yesterday for Art Teachers who Blog. 
Are you in that group???

Back to my rainy week....
I had great plans to work out and plant my garden and I got about half that done. 
I did bring my school I pads home and uploaded rules and numbers on the screens after downloading this great template from this TPT

I have 6 new Ipads. Using my mac and the airdrop I was able to knock this out one rainy afternoon. 

I had to clean my house for Bunco Wednesday, which was my birthday.  

I actually share my birthday with two famous people, Barbie and Cassie Stephens! 
Yes Barbie and I are 57! You can't have your cake and eat it too....

sooooo I was totally surprised with my Bunco friends of 25 years got me this vintage Artist Barbie!

I am in love! Trisha Yearwood also had a whole show today about the dolls. 

We wrapped up the day yesterday at the amazing Perot Museum 
which has this 
great view of Dallas from the outside escalator. 

to the Pollock show at the DMA.

Mr. Carter really liked the Pollock show. 

My eyes are closed again!

Did you see the story on CBS Sunday Morning? Fantastic and I did keep my eyes open. 

I also was so proud of one of my former elementary art student's who has art work in the 
Young Master's show at the DMA.

Another teary moment!

After loading the uber app...We had a fantastic dinner at my favorite place in the 
Bishop Arts area of Dallas called Tillman's.

and we ended the evening with adult beverages at the Reunion Ball.

A room with a view and yes it is still raining!

Hope your spring break left you refreshed and ready to finish strong! 


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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