Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cleaning and downsizing the Art Room

I am so jealous of all the fancy art rooms that I have seen popping up blogs and Facebook. 

This is my new/ old art space that I taught in during Summer School.
It is an old space, since I taught in this classroom 9 year ago.

Our building is adding a SPED unit and my old space was in the wing that is being converted

It was big and open and now it is empty. I am going to stay positive and cross my fingers that we will get a new space in 2 years when our building is refreshed! 

Our building is being painted this summer, so I only added a little decoration this summer.

I am thinking of getting rid of some of the big chairs to help with space and using
 Creatubbles this year to keep the art clutter contained. 

I'll update this sight as I update the space over the next few weeks. I am hoping some cabinets were 
installed and the sink was fixed along with a printer moved. 

Stay posted!

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