Sunday, August 7, 2016

Classroom Crayon Clock

I got a little crafty yesterday after seeing a crayon clock made by Jane on the Facebook Art Teacher's page. 
She was nice enough to post the back of hers which 
showed how to make this.

The clock was from Walmart, $3
You need about 4 boxes of 24 crayons
Hot glue and a cardboard circle to glue the crayons too.
This is an inexpensive craft! 

I used a cereal box to made a bigger cardboard shelf to glue the crayons on to. 
Jane duck taped hers, I just hot glued mine. Jane also arranged her crayons in Rainbow order.
I just wanted mine to be random. (kinda like me)
Make your clock unique!

 A few of my crayons melted from the hot glue so watch out!

Here is the back

I will hang it up next week in our new art space.

Hope you are getting super excited to start the school year! 

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