Monday, April 24, 2017

Mystery Box Contest

I received in invitation from Activa Products to take part in their 
Mystery Box Art Lesson contest last month. 

I had to create a unique lesson with 3 of the 4 products below that came in a box.

I decided to create a new lesson for my summer school art class, A Passport to Art.
I also wanted to do a lesson that would give choices to the makers. 

So I came up with the above lesson. Here are the parts and you can find the lesson and the voting site HERE

I cut a slice of pizza from a cereal box. I used a little foil for the crust texture and they wrapped it with the rigid wrap and smoothed it with my fingers.

I mixed the Celluclay, which comes in gray and white, with warm water in bucket. 
I made a patty and pressed it on the dry crust to form the topping. 

I painted the pizza and used the air dry Activ.Clay to make the toppings. 

To make the ice cream, or gelato, I used a small yogurt cup, spoon and ball of foil.

I wrapped the yogurt cup with the rigid wrap first then made the ball of ice cream. 

This is the Activia CelluCla. Press the ball onto the foil. I smoothed this as it dried.
 I put them together when the top was wet and inserted the spoon. 

This Activ.Clay is an air dry clay that drys super smooth and fast. 
I used it for the pizza toppings too. 

The acrylic paints dried pretty flat so I added modge podge after it dried. 
I am pretty excited to teach this lesson to my 2nd and 3rd graders this summer!
Visit Activa Products Website for many more cool lesson ideas. 


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