Friday, October 18, 2013

Finishing up Fall with Clay


Ahhh, today was conference day, and the end of the 9 weeks. 
I was so lucky to have time to display the 5th graders fabulous fall leaves!
I am in love with this green ...True Flow Colorburst glaze, Kiwi Green! 

Green is my favorite color, so I had to take photo cluster of a few pretty green leaves. 

I initially taught this lesson last year, but made some big changes this year. I think the lesson was more successful this year with terra cotta clay and True Flow glazes by Sax

I gave each child a slab of clay and they could pick a leaf to create a form.
My leaf collection included: rubber leaf stamps or artificial leaves.
They used a pin tool to cut a leaf shape.
 The hardest part was attaching a FOOT with a coil of clay that was scored and slipped! 
We slumped the leaves in small bowl that were covered with a zip lock bag. I turned them over the next day to add their names and let them dry.

This year I bisque fired instead of using stroke and coat glaze on greenware.

I set up a  small group glaze station. I limited the color palette to 2 warm colors.

Only an art teacher knows how wonderful this moment it....opening the kiln in the morning!

I couldn't wait for show and tell!

I displayed them today under the 3rd grade leaves!

A glamour shot......

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