Thursday, March 5, 2015

#BigArtDay15 in North Texas was a Snow Day

The circle themed #bigartday15 art show has been installed at my school with the help of a few awesome PTA moms and myself,
 but an overnight ice and snow storm has delayed our school event!

So here goes....a virtual art show! 

Let's start with the littlest....Kindergarten created Monet's pond using painted paper on 10 inch cardboard painted circles. 

I loved coming up with this new lesson and they were all successful.  

see my previous link about this fun lesson! 

I used last years most popular blog post for the Concentric Circle lesson in 
1st grade with these little artists. Look how bright and colorful they are. 

The 2nd grade and 4th grade created Circle Weaving. 
2nd grade's project came from the super successful lesson  
over at Cassie Stephens's amazing blog. 

4th graders not only wove in a circle, but they made the clay looms for their weaving. 
If you want to see how we made these read this previous post. 

I am super excited about the feedback I have received about the 3rd grade hanging abstract circles. 

They painted abstractly after drawing with oil pastels, then we used paint on the white side, flipped it over and painted black on the brown side, them painted with white gesso. Super fun. 

This lesson was a twist on one of Cassie Stephens dot day ideas. 

I will be posting how the kids did this next week. Stay tuned. 

5th graders also did weaving on the almost extinct CD's. 

Needless to say...we used a lot of yarn this winter weaving....

We also collaborated as teachers and students this past fall on Dot Day by painting large cardboard panel's that are displayed in the hall near the music room. I used push pins to hang them.

Stunning...I hope they stay on the wall over spring break. 

So there you go, our #BigArtDay circled themed art show. 

Youth Art Month is celebrated in  March in Texas. 
 I am so glad we could participate in the Big Day of Art celebrating you artists  
even on a Snowy day. 


  1. Everything looks FANTASTIC! I REALLY love those clay looms. And the collaborative circle paintings. Thanks so much for the shout-outs, I appreciate it :)

    1. That's why I love blogging, collaboration and sharing friends. Thank you Cassie. What are your Birthday plans??


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